A Little Spice is Nice

A tropical vacation means a couple things; Ocean, Beach and Island Cocktails. We don't have all of those in Detroit so sometimes you have to create your own. There's one cocktail that comes to everyone's mind, The Pina Colada. Below is an updated version of the recipe including two Detroit companies that are always stocked on my bar cart. You can create this cocktail on ice or blended, this recipe is on ice. One of my favorite brands is Wolf Moon Mixers they are organic blends that all you need to do is add your favorite spirit and you have a craft cocktail. The other is Two James Distillery in Corktown that just added Rum to their growing inventory. I hope y'all enjoy this cocktail as much as i do. Cheers, xoxo.

Recipe | Spicy Pina Colada

3 oz. Wolf Moon Mixer Pineapple Jalapeño

1 oz.  Two James Distillery Rum

1 oz. Coconut Cream (I prefer using a creamer, this gives the drink a creamier consistency)

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice.

Strain into an ice-filled glass and garnish with two pineapple leafs.

http://www.wolfmoonmixers.com/ - Pineapple Jalapeno Mixer

http://twojames.com/ - Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum