Picnicing like a Parisian

What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!
— Charles Dickens

A quick guide on what to eat and where to get it to create that perfect Parisian moment.  gathering the best essentials to create that perfect Parisian moment. Cue the tossing of a red checkered blanket in the air, the smell of fresh blooms and some amazing Eiffel tower views.

Le Baguette | Since there were four of us dining we went with three baguettes- two classics and one whole grain for some variety. (Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger : 18 rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France)

Le Fromage | When choosing a selection of cheese it can be overwhelming so I always ask for a recommendation. One soft, one hard and one favorite by the locals (you cant go wrong with this). If you don't carry a cheese board around with you no worries, use the sleeve from the baguette as a rustic style charcuterie board. (La Fromagerie : 31 Rue Cler, 75007 Paris, France)

Le Vin | If you are picking up for friends grab a variety. A full bodied red, crisp white and a bottle of champagne is the equivalent to a well rounded meal.  You don't need any extra tools for the champagne but I personally always travel with a wine bottle opener for situations such as these. If you don't have one on you can grab one from any local market. If you are at a hotel ask if they have plastic cups behind the bar or in the kitchen so you don't have to buy them.

Le Charcuterie | Two styles of meats are more than enough. A hard salami is a staple on any board but we also asked for a recommendation from the shop owner of something most people wouldn't think to try; we went with a rillettes d'oie which is a type of pâté. (Davoli : 34 rue Cler, Paris, Île-de-France)

The Extras | Add some greens into the mix by picking up two types of olives and French breakfast radishes. Look up local markets in your area for the freshest produce. (Marché Saxe-Breteuil : Avenue de Saxe, 75007 Paris, France)

Pro tip | Grab all your essentials in the morning as I found out the hard way that most shops close around 2pm usually because they have sold out. We didn't have a blanket so we used a table cloth that just happened to be the most perfect checkered print. Use either a large tote or backpack to carry all your essentials, make sure its sturdy, as it can get heavy real quickly. We were staying at an AirBNB so we grabbed essentials like knives, cups and a wood board from there. But of course you can always stop into stores to buy or pack these provisions before.