New Bed, Who Dis?

ft. Helix Sleep


I love my bed; I love sleeping in it, reading in it, watching a movie in it, eating late night pizza in it, having morning coffee in it, playing scrabble in it, basically ill do anything if I can do it from the comfort of it. 

I don't know if you guys know this but mattresses are expensive and finding one that will be your companion for the next 10 years is hard work. So if I can order a mattress that is created to love me as much as I love it, created to perfectly form to my sleep preference I should buy it immediately right? 

Ok, so I did!


After reading reviews and searching the web for days for the perfect mattress for not just my needs by my fiancé Kevin's as well I stumbled upon Helix Sleep and found that my mattress prayers had been answered. 

Super simple, you and your partner take a sleep quiz that adds up to the perfect mattress. Its then shipped to your front door. open up the box, wait 15 seconds and BAM you got yourself a whole new sleep set up. 

Now why cant more things in life be this easy?